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Insight in sight
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Insight In Sight

When I am afraid,
I will find people to fear.

When I am sensitive to rejection,
I will find people who are rejecting.

When I am angry,
I will find people to blame.

When I am demanding,
I will find people disappointing.

When I am impatient,
I will find people slow to react.

When I am needy,
I will find people unfulfilling.

When I am controlling,
I will find people uncooperative.

When I am hurting,
I will find people hurtful.

When I take full responsibility for my feelings, attitudes, and actions I can stop
my fear
my anger 
my impatience
my neediness
my pain.

When I change myself, I can begin to influence others.

When I search for the truth about myself, I can love and accept others.

Only then can we dwell together in peace.

2000 Scott Sindelar, Ph.D.
All rights reserved. May be freely distributed only with complete acknowledgement of copyright, authorship, publisher and telephone number.

Excerpted from Fearless Selling - Fear-Free Living, by Scott Sindelar, Ph.D.
Clean House Press $29.95
ORDERS 1-800-MIND-DR-1 (1-800-646-3371)


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