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Fear Fighting Tip
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I have identified dozens and dozens of ways to fight fear.  Fear is the most destructive force in relationships, whether they are personal, management, or sales relationships.

If you have fear or anxiety when you are attempting to communicate (or sell) a message, you are likely to perform poorly.  But, don't give up! Here is one fear-fighting tip that you can apply in minutes.  I call it my Spot Removal Technique.

Spot Removal

When we are about to make a presentation, such as a speech, or even a presentation of an idea, we tend to think of ourselves as being in the spotlight. Imagine an actor standing alone in the dark on a stage. There is a large audience waiting expectantly for a performance. There are critics and jealous colleagues sitting on the edge of their seats.

Suddenly, a bright white spotlight shines down onto the actor. All eyes focus on the lone figure in the center of the spotlight.  Tension builds.  If you imagine yourself as that actor, you may feel the fear rising up.  No wonder they call it stage fright.

If this is what it is like for you to make a presentation, you are not alone. I have coached hundreds of people like you who have similar fears.  Some researches suggest that making a public presentation is the number one fear among most people.

In my program FEARLESS SELLING (see the audiotape package I offer on this web site at: Business Makeover), I give you over 50 techniques to become absolutely fearless about presenting or selling anything. Here is one of those powerful techniques: The Spot Removal technique.

Imagine that you are in control of the spotlight.  You can remove the spotlight from yourself and focus it anywhere you want.  Imagine that you now focus the spotlight on your acquaintances or your buyers rather than on yourself. Whenever you are feeling fear, the spotlight is on you. Remove the spotlight from you and return the focus to where it belongs.

In face to face contacts with others, pay attention to (focus the spotlight on) their wardrobe accessories. For male customers, notice their ties, shirts, shoes, and haircuts. These all have a story. Ask about them and you will learn important information about your buyers. 

For female customers, focus the spotlight on their position, jewelry, children, grandchildren, perfume, or shoes. You cannot be focused on your fear if you are focused on their face or on the facts of the situation.

Ask about their challenges, desires or goals. Examine them under the spotlight.  When you remove the spot (light) from yourself, you will remove your fear as well.  

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